I share our “Journey Into Trust”

to inspire other Single Parents to keep moving forward,

to live their life outside the box,

to lower their own limitations,

to live a life full of integrity and authenticity.

Healing Yourself as an Act of Love towards Yourself, Your Children and Humanity

Healing may take time. If you want to heal on all levels body, mind, spirit, past and future, there is a lot to look at. Trauma is handed down in the family line, until one steps out and decides to heal whatever there is. It starts with our own trauma and then we go deeper. By healing ourself we go back in time and heal our ancestors traumas. Taking time instead of pretending there is a quick fix, may be the key to release pain carried on from our ancestors. Most important, when we decide that the chain of pain stops with us, we do not pass it on to our children and their children.

Therefore healing our own wounds is an act of deep love towards ourself, our children and humanity in general.

There is not one blueprint, one way to do so. The goal is to heal on all levels. Where we start depends on our personality and the circumstances. One may start by healing the body, by choosing to nurture it with healthy food, by avoiding unhealthy food, by exercising it in a healthy way. By listening to the own bodies needs. By being gentle and accepting oneself, wherever one starts out. One may start by healing the mind, by choosing thoughts wisely, by choosing what people to allow around oneself. One may choose to start with practicing mindfulness or meditation. Listening and following the gentle inner voice. Releasing inner demons in a gentle way. Being gentle with oneself and others is the key.

We can not expect others to understand our individual healing journey. Most people like to see a quick fix. It’s challenging to accompany someone else on a their healing journey. It could be a difficult disease, a trauma or a loss that was experienced, healing always requires to look at all levels. Not at all at the same time. Step by step, even baby steps are a success, as it means we keep moving forward. We might need to take breaks in between, to gather new strength, to experience some joy in between. And then life will remind the ones who have chosen to awake and heal, that there is, more to go for.

No one else can see what you are going through, on what healing level you are operating at the moment. So please, don’t get discouraged if you are not receiving the support you wished for. You don’t know their reasons. And please, do not judge someone who you think should heal in a different way. Remember, there are so many different approaches. Healing also doesn’t always mean that we have to reverse a terminal disease. It could be, that your path is to heal the body and live longer on this earth but it could also mean that we heal by how we deal with a terminal disease, by how we spent our last time on this earth. On how we let a loved one go, how to accept the fact of living on without that person and how to raise children who had to let go of a parent.

Remember, the length of a life, a marriage or a relationship does not give an indication if it was fulfilled or not. The length does not matter, what matters is the how.

“It is not about how often we fall, it is about how graceful we get back up. And even if there is nothing graceful at all, just getting up again is a huge success.”

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