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Last Day In Vilcabamba

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Elder of the Kofan Nation

July 22nd 2018 : Take Off !!!!!


Our last day in Vilcabamba. We hand over the keys to our apartment. A place we called home for 4 month. Every single day we were grateful and felt blessed calling such a beautiful place our home. Malia frequently said: “I appreciate that we are so close to town and the shops. I appreciate that I have my own room. Isn’t it great here.”

Our home was filled with love and is ready for the next people to enjoy it.

I received a shamanic cleansing from an elder of the Kofan Nation in a private ceremony. And after dropping our bags at the bus terminal, we enjoyed a last day in Vilcabamba. A place we call home and will return to.

We got to spend some last quality moments with friends. Malia finally got a chance playing pool, riding her bike one more time at the square, watching a clown show and enjoying some ice cream.

Saying Good-Bye to her beloved Evie and giving instructions to her care taker while she is gone. And most important, we got a chance to light candles at the cathedral. We used to go there so many times to light a candle, just to give thanks for all we have. Today, is a special day: The start of our “Great 7”. <3

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“It is not about how often we fall, it is about how graceful we get back up. And even if there is nothing graceful at all, just getting up again is a huge success.”

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