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Letters to Daughter: Is a Nomadic Lifestyle Damaging for Children?

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

My dear daughter,

whatever you do in life, there will be someone who does not approve of what you do. People will criticise you for various reasons. Especially when you go where no one has gone before. Walking a new path can be scary, but fear will not stop the brave one. Embrace and befriend your fear. Fear helps you to be cautious. Observe, look at any given situation from a different angle, listen within and make a conscious decision. This way you will never be wrong.

Raising you, being your guardian and guiding you through life is the biggest blessing I could imagine. You are six and a half years old and you have lived a nomadic life style for most of your life. When we started out, I wasn’t sure if I made the right decision, I just followed my inner voice. Our life circumstances invited me to adjust our life style. The best I could think of, back then, was to start living a nomadic life style with you.

But we were surrounded by people who had never done such a thing nor even heard of such a life style. I got criticised, questioned my motives. They couldn’t see that every decision I make, is always always in the best interest of you my child, of your well being in body, mind and spirit. I was able to see what no one else were able to see. I saw chances, I saw opportunities for me to spend as much time as possible with you, to be able to provide you the space to BE YOU, to remember the wisdom you brought, to expand and grow in your own time.

Little did I know, back then, how much I would change our life path with this decision. It was a step into the unknown. My feeling, the inner voice inside me said keep walking you will be rewarded with blessings. The loud voices of friends and family said something else:

“How can you take your child out of safety, wealth and health? You have to stop living like this when it is time to start school. How selfish of you, pursuing your dream, not thinking of your child. A child needs stability. A child needs to have routine.”

It was not easy to hear harsh words. It’s not nice being criticised. It’s not easy when you are being accused of not having your child’s best interest in mind.

But we always have the choice to listen within to our own voice or to the loud screaming voices of others. And you know what? Over time it will change……the little voice inside, will get louder, it will get easier to listen within. Once you've started there is no way back.

After 4 years living a nomadic life style or location independent as it is also called…I can truly say, I am proud and happy of how far we have come, so close to ourselves, so close to each other, so compassionate to others, so open to whatever there is, being able to adjust, knowing that we can always choose….and therefore there is nothing to complain about.

I was told, that you would never be able to fit into society. You wouldn’t know how to follow rules and how to adapt.

They were half right in one thing: you will never be able to follow blindly. You are awake, you are used to use your brain, you are used to look at different angels, as you have learned there is always more then only one way. There is always ANOTHER WAY. Your inner voice is already loud and clear because you never had to suppress her. You know that you always have a choice. You know that you shape your life and therefore there is no one else to blame.

You will be able to decide in which society you want to live. You will be able to see the good and the bad. You will be used to follow your inner voice. You will know, that if you want to live in a specific society you will have to follow those rules. And you will be strong enough to decide for yourself, instead of blindly following those who have never walked that path.

We are all one, but we are not the same. There is not only one way to live, one way to raise a child or one way to be happy. But everyone has to choose their own way and make the best out of any given situation.

So, is a Nomadic Life Style damaging for children?

This question can't be answered with yes or no. Everything and nothing can be damaging. I guess it depends on the parents, if they follow their inner voice and follow what is right for them and their children.

For us, we are on the right path - for us. Where it will lead us? Who knows? Who can tell the future? All we can do, is to life in the moment and make conscious decisions.

Our wings get stronger,

with every step we take.

Our roots get deeper,

with every storm we encounter.

Our love expands,

with every soul

we touch along the way.

Roots, Wings and Love <3

How could I not be incredibly proud of you, of myself, of us.

I love you.


“It is not about how often we fall, it is about how graceful we get back up. And even if there is nothing graceful at all, just getting up again is a huge success.”

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