Single Parent Retreat




Single parents, are you willing and ready to step even further out of your comfort zone

into your own transformation.


No matter where you are on your individual journey,

this retreat provides a safe container for you to BE with your child.


Deep bonding between parent and child

as an important base for everyday life.


Everything is possible, not despite kids but because of them.


Live with authenticity, integrity and love.

Vilcabamba - Ecuador


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Can I have it all? Time for myself and personal transformation while being a wonderful parent?


As a single parent, you have taken on the task that was given to you. You are blessed and trusted with another soul to guard, to protect and to guide. It’s not about forming our children, instead it’s about providing the space for our children to BE.


Most likely you were not given that space yourself. But you have more wisdom now and you are ready, willing and able to create and hold that space for your children and for yourself.

Single Parent Retreat is holding that space for YOU and YOUR children. Space for both of you to BE, just BE and breathe.


A beautiful setting in the mountains of the valley of longevity in Ecuador. A place were the Inca Kings came to retreat for healing. A place were you will find the space for your own healing while also having special bonding time with your children.


Workshops for parent and child, for children only and for parents only. Personal treatments in all areas of life, different techniques to support you on your individual journey. Massages and physical treatments to help to relax and release whatever you are willing and able to release. Down-to-earth general life structure coaching on your personal situation. Healthy food, yoga, and latin dances to unwind, combined with adventure.


Wherever you are standing on your personal Journey Into Trust, Single Parent Retreat is providing the space.

Lower your limitations. Lower your barriers. Bond in an even deeper way with your children. Transform. Trust that it is ok to leave the box. Relax. Be. Time for yourself, your children and as a family.

Meet your host

By living a life of integrity and authenticity, there is no other way, then to constantly change, be aware and flow with whatever life is offering us.

I left the corporate world as a bank manager and business coach over 10 year ago. I completely changed my life and started travelling around the world. When my daughter joined my journey, once again I changed my life completely. I started my own charity organisation and travelled with my daughter to all different parts of the world to work with families and children.

When I was longing for a place to reset my own energy, I couldn’t find a suitable place that would cater to all the preferences I had as a single mum. So I created the perfect retreat for a single parent who wants it all. In the meantime I have been counselling and coaching parents from different parts in the world.

After a personal trauma, I discovered Vilcabamba. A beautiful little village in the south of Ecuador, a place where the Incan Kings went to retreat. The energy, the surrounding…..a perfect place for healing and inner transformation. With light speed I went through another transformation and was blessed to work with therapists who are now enhancing the retreat program.

My daughter who is now 6 years old, has been living location independent most of her life, she is my greatest teacher. Raising our awareness every day by being open and listening to the wisdom there is. We are living our life to the fullest, outside any boxes, free to follow our inner voice, full of love and respect towards ourselves and others.


My mission is to help other parents to navigate through their own transformation while bonding on a deep level with their children.


With love and gratitude

Annie Lulu

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“It is not about how often we fall, it is about how graceful we get back up. And even if there is nothing graceful at all, just getting up again is a huge success.”

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